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Constructional Material


In addition to our team's excellent and reliable services, we have various constructional materials that are readily available and with great power that stands out amidst the the world's extensive competition    in the market. Few of our materials are being shown right here. For further inquiries on other materials, we are just one call away.

•           INSULATED SANDWICH PANEL (COMPOSITE PANEL) - can be produced with external and internal sheet in various thickness, coating & color. The insulation core is made of factory injected rigid polyurethane foam with closed cells & fire retardant quality.

            Profile: TR 45/250

            Material: Aluminum, GI, Alu-Zinc

            Thickness: 0.45 mm to 1.0mm

            Finishes: Mill Finish & Stucco Embossed, Polyester Color Coated, PVF2 Color Coated

•           CEMENT (PORTLAND) - is made by heating limestone (calcium carbonate) with small quantities of other materials such as clay. It is used in the production of mortar and concrete --- the bonding of natural or artificial aggregates to form a strong building material that is durable in the face of normal environmental effects.

            Specs. Type: Silicate Cement / Ordinary Portland 42.5

                         Content of Sulfur Trioxide: 01.90% specif 3.50 max

                         Magnesia Content: 03.11% specif 5.00 max

                         Cement Fineness: Blaine cm2/gm: 2880

                         Ignition Loss: 00.99% specif 3.00 maxx

                         Water requirement of normal consistency: 00.40%

•           ASPHALT - is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid that is present in most crude petroleum's and in some natural deposits. It is used in road construction where it is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete.

             Specs: Type: Composite Asphalt                                                                               

                           Self-Adhesive: Rsnoise reduction silence                                                 

                           Grade: B2

                           Softening Point: Strength

                           Other: Non-combustibility, No harm to human body, No faint smell,


             Specs.  Lift Mechanism: Scissor Lift

                           Min. Lifting Height: 12m

                           System Voltage: 24V

                           Lift Drive/Actuation: Diesel Engine

                           Max. Lifting Height: 54m

                           Wheelbase: 3.36m

                          Max. Height: 12.8m

                          Rated Loading Capacity: 200kg


                          Type: Folding Arm Type

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